I am a commercial photographer, portrait artist, digital technician, producer, and event coordinator living in Portland, OR. 

This site represents my portrait portfolio. For more information on the other services I offer, please contact me!

I am an engine. I began working in photography two decades ago and have found myself in almost every role in the photographic process, both in art and commercial endeavors. From stock to magazine to ads to catalog in the commercial world to portraits, pregnancies, and art for real world clients, I have created and pushed pixels and grains to create excellent images.

I have a deep love of film and fine prints, but find myself fascinated by gammas and layers.

I am jealous of the age in which photography was a service performed for people and art.

I spend most of my time editing photos for commercial endeavors and arranging shoots and events for corporate clients.

I would rather take pictures of you.


  1. Carrie Watson
    November 28, 2017

    Hi Josh,

    I was on Portland Creative List searching for freelancers who know Lightroom and your bio came up. We have an ongoing photography gig that has changed slightly, now needed a file manager of sorts. We found that our photographer can no longer take a picture, color adjust in Lightroom, sync, and name the files without slowing things down. ( Previously, we had more time..) So after our last shoot where we had someone working the files, it was great. We would like to know who’s out there to add to our list. Perhaps meet and talk about it. We know freelancers have their own rates, and we can’t dictate what it is, but we have a very set rate with an ongoing client. Do you have a rate for your “Lightroom File Management” that you’d like to share?

    Thanks in advance!
    -Carrie Watson

    • Joshua
      November 29, 2017

      I would charge $300/day or $40/hour for digital tech work. I have worked in that capacity for over a decade and I know that’s low-balling, even in this depressed arts market. I would be happy to talk more about this with you if you’d like to sit down and talk about your needs? Maybe I could offer some advice to streamline your process?


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